Vineland Corporate Meeting Space

Vineland Corporate Meeting Space

Make Regency Ballroom your Vineland corporate meeting space! For years Regency Ballroom has been a big go to for hosting weddings, but we also enjoy the spectacle that is employee appreciation. No matter the business, we know you want to show your care for your employees in the best way possible. While most of the year is dedicated to hard work and finding results, there are those nights where as a company, you want your team to know their value in a memorable and extravagant night.

Vineland Corporate Meeting Space

Your staff should feel special about their place, and Regency Ballroom is more than happy to help shine the light on your hardest workers. With a space that fits 250 guests, you’re entire team can enjoy comfortable a night of food and fun.

Your team does great work, and they deserve a great space with great service. After all, a change of pace is nice. The night starts off with a valet parking your car (you’re here to have fun and be taken care of, not struggle for parking). The chefs we have make the best world class cuisines. In the event your guests take the option to stay over night, we’re just a half hour away from the shore- there is no need to rush back to business: grab some breakfast at the local IHOP and enjoy the day at any of several Jersey beach towns. If the beach is not in the cards, we are right across from Philadelphia, a city filled with history and recreation, heavily tourist attracting with a litany of museums, art, and attractive exhibitions.

For the best hospitality, this Vineland corporate meeting space will give you a night you’ll never forget.

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